We work across a variety of sectors in both public and private sectors. However, at the heart of each engagement is our Value Mining™ philosophy and hands-on approach that results in tangible and sustainable business improvement.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Local and Central Government



Increasing regulation and lack of trust in the industry means banks continue to remain under scrutiny and pressure. Coupled with low interest rates and challenges from investors to create returns, the sector is becoming more uncomfortable for traditional players.

The result is that banks are needing to change, and fast. With new entrants challenging, and the huge opportunity that Fintech offers, banks now need to sense check their vision and realign their organisation based on changing priorities.

At xsale we can work with you to facilitate this process and ensure that you leverage the opportunities within this challenging marketplace.


Like the rest of the financial services industry, insurers are subject to increasingly complex and prescriptive regulatory change.


Whilst the industry has remained much the same for over 100 years, recent changes in regulation, and a rapidly changing market for both retail and commercial sectors is forcing insurance companies to review their business models and their ability to respond to change.

Whether you view the digital revolution as a threat or opportunity, one thing is clear – realign your business or risk loosing market share.

At xsale we can work with you to facilitate this process and ensure that you leverage the opportunities within this changing marketplace.

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is currently going through a significantly challenging period with the decline in oil prices and forces of oversupply.

Given the high capital costs and low prices oil and gas producers have little alternative but to aggressively focus on costs whilst maintaining operational safety.

Companies not only need to focus on lifting costs but costs across the entire supply chain in order to maintain margin or simply survive these turbulent times.

Making the right investment choices in this challenging and uncertain period is crucial. xsale can work with you to ensure your portfolio of investments are aligned to your strategic priorities and work with you to ensure effective execution of business change. 


April 17 data showed Britain’s factories enjoyed their fastest growth for three years on the back of strong demand at home and abroad.

This should temper worries about a Brexit-driven economic slowdown this year but manufacturing companies can’t be complacent.

Exchange rates continue to be a challenge or opportunity depending on the market. However, supply chain and procurement costs remain a challenge. Companies paying higher prices for materials result in reduced margins where end use prices are sensitive or competition high.

Ensuring that manufacturing companies have realigned their business to these changing market conditions is essential for survival or growth.

At xsale we understand these challenges and can work with you to ensure you remain competitive and achieve your business vision.

Aerospace and Defence

Growth in both commercial aerospace and the defence sectors continues.

The commercial aerospace sector growth is being driven by lower commodity prices including crude oil and continued strong demand in passenger travel demand.

Defence spend increases are being driven by rising global tensions and countries beginning to switch to the next generation of military equipment.

However, competition remains high and increasing challenges by the MOD and treasury are squeezing margins and contract T&C’s are becoming tighter.

The need to continue to review your cost base and increase operational efficiency to maintain margins is crucial.

xsale can work with you to ensure that your organisation and change portfolio is aligned to meeting your strategic priorities. 

Local and Central Government

With rising demands on services and ever increasing cost pressures, both local and central government departments are having to make operational efficiency a strategic priority.

Departments are having to look at more innovative ways of delivering higher levels of service at reduced cost.

Making effective and informed investment decisions is essential in an environment of public scrutiny and we believe we can help.

At xsale we have successfully demonstrated that our methodologies and tools are transferable to the challenges you face within the public sector. 

xsale ltd provided a platform in a very structured manner to engage, excite and direct employees to help them define innovations and improvements in-line with our Executive objectives. During the entire delivery the management team were fully engaged and aware of developments, resulting in one of the most successful Go-Live’s I have experienced.
— Syed Feizal, CEO BIV Global (ex-Sr. Vice President, Malaysia, Technip)
Engaging with xsale increased our chances of a successful implementation ten fold. The approach taken was a structured one that over a period of time the organization bought into. This approach became a blue print for the other business regions resulting in a very successful change program over several continents and ultimately impacted, to the positive, how 40,000 people worked.
— Commercial Director - Proposals and Estimating, Houston