Value Mining: The Implementer's Guidebook (Print)


Value Mining: The Implementer's Guidebook (Print)


You are a successful manager given the opportunity to manage a change project. You have little time available and need a clear, proven and concise change management methodology.

This Guidebook has been prepared for you with material derived from over 10,000 hours of delivery. The content provides focus, instruction and activities to guide you to successfully deliver Value driven Change Management.

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About the Author:
Brian has over 20 years of experience as a change management consultant. This has involved working across a range of industries and roles including brewing, leading software vendors and multiple international clients.

Brian developed a repeatable change management methodology through his many years of experience working on both successful and occasionally, poorly executed change programs. Key to transforming the organisations he has supported, has been placing the individual at the centre. This philosophy routinely uncovers stars who have been waiting for an opportunity to shine. 

Message from Brian the author:

Thank you for your interest in "Change Management: The Implementer's Guidebook".

My journey into Change Management was triggered by the seismic changes that took place in the Brewing industry in the 1980’s. Almost overnight we were required to introduce a step change in productivity. Facilitating this required engaging our blue-collar workforce to document and design improved processes.
I learned a lot during this period and the DNA for all the material in this guidebook can be traced back to that time. In the intervening years I have reused, amended and refined the content, honing it repeatedly to address one point: managers have the barest of time available and only need information to help them to act.

All these years later, I have three Masters Degrees (Chemistry, Brewing and Business), I am a qualified Director and I have worked and lived all over the world. There is one constant for success: place the individual at the centre, empower this individual and maintain integrity in your actions.

Flip through the sample pages included below and reach out if you have any queries preventing you from making a purchase or if you'd like to know more about a particular topic.

- Brian Whittaker