Celebrating our new partnership

Celebrating our new partnership


xsale consulting announces partnership with Qvistorp, the best in breed investment appraisal software provider.

Brian Whittaker, MD xsale “We work with clients across sectors to align organisations to their vision and business priorities to create value. Qvistorp provides XSALE with a complimentary solution that extends portfolio management and prioritisation to generate investment appraisal scenarios for the CFO. We reviewed the market and it was clear that Qvistorp was the best technology vendor to support our client’s requirements”.

Value Mining™ now delivers a comprehensive and integrated digital solution to satisfy the Board's demands for rigorous change portfolio management and investment analysis. By enabling a dynamic and integrated view of portfolio performance we support the transformation of the organisation into one that is truly agile and innovative.

Jakub Lasota, CPO Qvistorp "Our solution transforms ad-hoc spreadsheet driven analyses into a fully digitilised, best practise process. Our experience shows that powerful visualisations, carefully selected KPIs and real-time availability of analysis drives better decisions and significantly impacts the portfolio IRR."


Qvistorp S.A is the provider of Qvistorp Growth (QG), the best in breed investment appraisal software. QG is an extensive platform for the digitalisation of CAPEX and R&D investment analysis processes in large organizations. The product supports decision makers with in-depth financial analysis, risk scoring and strategic fit analysis.