Investment Appraisal

Portfolio Prioritisation

Why Attend?

This course was designed from the ground up after identification of key shortfalls in Investment Appraisal (IA) and Portfolio performance skills.

By attending this masterclass you will: 

  • Acquire the knowledge needed to manage your organisation’s investment decision processes
  • Reduce risk and
  • Improve the delivery of your strategic priorities

The course provides a unique blend of technical knowledge and practical experience of implementing best practice Investment Appraisal and Portfolio Performance. 


Poorly implemented or absent IA and portfolio prioritisation processes are characterised by:

  • Projects lacking strategic direction and alignment
  • Having an incorrect balance between strategic and tactical projects
  • The wrong balance between high and low risk projects
  • Executing too many mediocre or low value projects

By attending this masterclass you will learn how to avoid these mistakes by gaining practical insights from those that have successfully digitalised IA and portfolio evaluation across a variety of industry sectors. 

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the location

Taking place in the prestigious offices of the Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London you will be working in one of the world's foremost management organisations.

Surrounded by masters of business, leading entrepreneurs and class-leading facilities you will have repeated opportunities to hear, see and engage with some of the World's leading portfolio optimisation experts.