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value mining philosophy

The Discovery, Delivery and Recovery of Business Value

value mining Services

Whether it's the early stages of strategy development (Value Discovery), the execution phase (Value Delivery) or being engaged to turnaround a failing business or project (Value Recovery) our focus is delivering tangible and sustainable value.

Our core value offerings have been listed below in a logical order.

The Value Mining Philosophy is at the heart of all of our client engagements. We have two core beliefs:

  1. Every business process, system, organizational structure, and change initiative must be aligned to the organization’s vision and strategic priorities in order to add value – misalignment creates waste and failure to deliver the vision.
  2. Value is not created by technology alone, it’s how the organization leverages technology that creates value. Many organizations fail to understand this. 

However, we believe that the fastest way to solve business challenges is to speak with a real person with experience.

Simply Book a FREE Consultation or Call Us Now +442080680373 to discuss your specific situation.

Creating your platform for corporate growth planning

When building a portfolio to transform the business you may wish to say YES to transformational investment and NO to those not increasing business value.

Today's CFO is still at the centre of a web of spreadsheets when it comes to the evaluation of strategic business opportunities or growth strategies. We know you are struggling with non standardised processes, methodologies and assumptions. This results in lost time while trying to perform real-time stress testing and risk analysis.

We introduce KPI driven capital budgeting across the investment portfolio helping both the expert and novice perform quantitative risk assessment and real time What-If comparisons - so important in today's agile economy.

We have a wealth of experience. Talk to us today if you would like to know how to build a dynamic investment portfolio and provide real-time value assessment when taking major investment decisions..

Moving to an Executive PMO

Again and again we hear from our clients about the "IT-Business Gap". Often with a reporting line to the CIO who is seeking to ensure IT projects are under control but ultimately perceived as a cost to the business.

How do you ensure that the portfolio is continuously aligned to business priorities and the wider business vision?

We work with your executive team to ensure your entire organization and change initiatives are strategically aligned to your vision and business priorities.

Too often we see portfolios that will never realise the business vision or simply not delivering the originally approved business cases.

We start with re-alignment of your organisation to your vision and then work with your programme managers to ensure that your business change is executed effectively and the desired results achieved.

The result? A PMO aligned to Business priorities and efficiently executed. 

The Portfolio Healthcheck

How many of your inflight projects are on target to deliver their original business cases? How many are on track in terms of schedule, costs, and quality?

Unfortunately not all projects we see are setup for success and often the original signed off business case has been left gathering dust and bears no resemblance to what is actually being delivered.

The worst culprits tend to be large technology implementations where the client has been promised business transformation enlightenment by spending millions on technology.

Many organizations fail to understand a fundamental concept that value is not created by technology alone, it’s how the organization leverages technology that creates value.

If your portfolio or individual programmes are not meetingyour expectations then call us. We have the expertise to quickly assess root causes to failing portfolios and programmes and implement corrective actions and ensure your investments deliver your strategic priorities. 

Feedback from my Retail colleagues is very positive and I would recommend that all managers take the training in a mandatory capacity. I really enjoyed working with you on this activity and as far as making work fun goes, this hit the mark!
— VP Retail Products


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