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xsale Consulting

Value Mining globally for over 20 years!

What can we help you with?

investment appraisal?

From Opportunity to Value

Do you struggle to assess new business opportunities? As the CFO how difficult is it to examine your investment decisions and provide effective decision making? 

We provide clear visualisation of complex models, simple and efficient workflows and real-time availability of analysis.

Enhance my PMO?

From Plans to Practice

Can you review your project portfolio and understand how it is performing? As the CIO are you challenged to report progress and delivery to the Board?

We provide a deep review of the portfolio, projects and metrics in place. Know which projects to cancel and which to enhance.


projects performing?

From Activity to Action

It can often be difficult to know if a major project is on track. Ensuring resources and costs are used effectively is a major concern with so many competing opportunities.   

We help establish and confirm the business case, alignment to strategies and key metrics.

We have delivered results throughout the world.

Our approach is pragmatic, practical and guarantees Success!